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Evaboy - ...jook 'til i die Vinyl

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Mastered for Vinyl by Moa.

Estimated ship date: June 28, 2024


Side A:

A1: rio

A2: ...i love u n im scared

A3: Beat the shit out of the person

A4: is there a point (girl u know)

A5: thank god for the rain


Side B:

B1: pinoy

B2: Obliterate the Shit out of a SEWERSLVT Fan in WALGREENS

B3: we (interlude)

B4: never even done

B5: wanna luvvv u


Side C:

C1: elk grove evaboy redux

C2: im sry

C3: 160 (blue)



Side D:

D1: im Onn one

D2: the death of evaboy (+ DJ GAPE)

D3: ...jook 'til i die (+vocaloid fukase and kagamine len)