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Astrophysics - Hope Left Me Cassette

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Each purchase includes a Bandcamp redemption code for the album "HOPE LEFT ME". The code will be sent in a separate email after your purchase is complete.

1. dystopian prelude 00:22
2. you're killing me 04:09
3. shadow being 05:15
4. sweet, soft and lonely! 05:04
5. lobotomy 04:32
6. Sasha 02:53
7. embracer 04:46
8. a cold room 06:37
9. dead ends (ft. machine+) 03:38
10. shivers (ft. harmful logic) 05:49
11. Noir 03:00
12.derelict hearts (ft. murrumur) 06:10

"This album was made in the span of 1 year, through much struggle and pain I was able to synthesize the best in me
into this album and game. A cold but gentle embrace, a deep look into one's self." - Astrophysics